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Statement from Valeri Belokon


Valeri Belokon
Statement to Fans
August 22, 2017

Dear friends,
I believe that it will be more beneficial for the development of our Club if the daily work of the Club is free of emotional disagreements between myself and the Oyston family. Disagreements that have accumulated over a longer period of time are now in the hands of the court- they do not have to disturb Club's activities. Therefore, I have taken the decision to resign from the position of a director of the club. I am and always will be interested in our club’s progress and development: therefore, I am delegating professionals with substantial football experience to work for the club. Normunds Malnacs will resume work in the club as a director in my place; whereas Kaspars Varpins will continue his duties as a director. Decision making at the club should be based solely on the attainment of BFC's sporting goals and professional arguments, with the focus on the future not the past.

Normunds Malnacs is known to you – together with him we started rebuilding our team in 2006 when we joined the club. From 2006 to 2012 he was a director of the club, making a substantial contribution to our club’s success of reaching the Premier League. After BFC period, Normunds returned to Latvia where in 2012 he established Latvian Football League and was its director. Then later he worked for the Latvian FA as a director of Communications and Marketing. Normunds Malnacs has a Master’s degree from London School of Economics.

My strong emotional tie with Blackpool Football club remains intact. I am faithful to the club. I keep following the club’s life on and off the pitch. Like all these ten years that have passed, I am truly interested in club’s future.
I would like to thank all fans for the fantastic support you gave to the club and me personally all these years! For giving me a chance to be in a fantastic company: to fight together, and to enjoy the taste of success together! I am proud that I am part of an unbelievable success story of English football! It is important that football and football love are first in our club also in the future. Together, we will achieve this!
Valeri Belokon

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