Fan Led Review - Overview and Summary


The recommendations of the Fan Led Review chaired by Tracey Crouch were published in late November.  BST were one of the few supporter organisations to provide both oral and written evidence to the panel.


For the benefit of members and the wider fanbase, these pages describe  the broad thrust of the Review, provides some background information about how legislation passes through Parliament and a brief consideration of the regulatory models that exist in the UK which might be used to create the new regime that oversees football.


The Review is arranged in eleven main Chapters covering a diverse range of topics and Ms. Crouch makes it clear that the key recommendations arising from each are designed to be implemented in their entirety ; this is not a “pick and mix” menu that the various stakeholders can choose their favourites from, and in her view it would be a grave mistake if they were allowed to.


The proposals are undoubtedly comprehensive. They cover :

•   the creation of the independent regulator, and the powers it will need

•   how money flows through the game, and the ways in which this could be improved

•   owner & Director behaviour, and the standards that should apply

•   corporate governance

•   new proposals for supporter engagement, to give them a greater say in the way that clubs are run

•   equality, diversity and inclusion

•   the future of the Women’s game

•   player welfare

BST will over the coming weeks pick out the main proposals that most directly affect us and our Members, and prepare more detailed briefing on each for publication on the website.

To aid navigation, and enable fans to focus on their specific areas of interest we created  a separate page for each chapter of the report.  

Fan led report recommendations

Chapter 1  : identifying what needs to be done

Chapter 2  : how might the game respond?

Chapter 3  : making football sustainable

Chapter 4  : owners and directors tests

Chapter 5  : corporate governance

Chapter 6  : broadening football’s reach

Chapter 7  : supporter engagement

Chapter 8  : club history and heritage

Chapter 9  : revenue distribution

Chapter 10 : the women’s game

Chapter 11 : better protection for players

Legislative Process and regulatory models. 

Annex A : implementing the Crouch recommendations

Annex B : the legislative process

Annex C : possible regulatory models

BST December 2021