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Committee Election 2021

Neil Holden – Supporting Statement


My name is Neil Holden I've been a Blackpool fan and season ticket holder all my life. I'm married to Paula and we have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Being a Blackpool fan has never been an easy process, but right now it's an absolute pleasure: I'm sure you all agree with me.


Why have I chosen to stand now! The years that we all sacrificed to make this club better were led by this supporter’s trust. The hard work and dedication shown by this committee in giving leadership, guidance and support, in the most testing of times was nothing short of heroic and inspiring to me personally.


From standing in all weather's leafletting away supporters, to give them the information they needed to both understand our plight and get on board with our financial boycott, along with Organising fans meetings, to ensure we were kept up to date with their progress and Charity work, this Trust has succeeded in doing them all.

The list goes on. And this has now brought me here to ask you - The best fans in the land for your vote to elect me onto the trusts committee to assist them with continuing their outstanding work and to hopefully bring new ideas and initiatives to make the trust even better and stronger.


We've seen the big six try to influence and monopolise the way football is taken forward with the so called "European Super League." Fortunately this was stopped, but it's more than likely that at this very moment, they are still planning this divide, and if successful this will have a detrimental effect on all football clubs from the Premier League right down to non-league.


I would like to help BST take their influence forward, by assisting them with the review on football governance and their feedback to our fans and the EFL and other governing bodies.


I would also like to help with fundraising and helping out those that need our assistance. Including helping our junior organisations on the Fylde coast with vital funding for their much needed facilities and equipment to help them nurture and produce the next Blackpool stars of the future. The future is in all our hands and, together we can everything we set out to do. I'm more than sure we have that in abundance.


I can only fulfil this with your help and vote!


Blackpool are back


Neil Holden

Mark Turner
Pat Mc
Carl Nicholson
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