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Committee Election 2021

Carl Nicholson – Supporting Statement


I am writing to formally inform you of my intentions to stand for election on the Supporters Trust committee. The Supporter’s Trust is something I am a lifetime member of and very passionate about as a lifelong Blackpool fan I feel the Blackpool fans need a direct representation of the voice of the fans to the club and an impartial organisation if you will to liaise between the fans and the club itself because as we have all seen how important this is over the last ten years.


On a personal note, with regards to what I feel I could possibly add to the committee I work for a company called Eleven Sports Media who facilitate the sports partnerships on a commercial level between football clubs and regional businesses and more specifically I have done this for BFC. I feel I could add great value in terms of helping the Supporters Trust communicate with the wider public and get the messages required across quickly to mainly the younger demographic and gain new members as a result especially over the media side of things and at times direct communication to the club as I already have an existing relationship with the guys mainly on the commercial side there.


After sitting in the committee meetings now for several months and observing I feel the way things are run are already done in a good professional manner and everything is streamlined well to get the results the fans and club need. I feel I could add to what is already a great outfit and maybe enhance certain aspects of it.


On a final note, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to stand for this committee seat and I am very excited to hopefully be involved and work with you going forward.


Kind Regards

Carl Nicholson

Mark Turner
Neil Holden
Pat Mc
Carl Nicholson
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