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Legal Compliance Services provides bespoke regulatory compliance and risk management systems and advice for law firms, delivered by a team of former SRA compliance professionals.

Our team of experts support law firms all the way to achieving and demonstrating regulatory compliance . We deliver training in all areas of regulatory compliance. We assist new law firms and ABSs with the authorisation process and work with firms of all types and sizes to ensure anti-money laundering procedures and accounts systems are robust and cyber crime and fraud prevention measures are effective. All our consultants have worked as compliance experts at the SRA for many years. They are practising and non-practising solicitors, have worked in private practice, have designed and implemented compliance and risk management systems and procedures for use by law firms, conducted compliance inspections and investigations and trained and supervised SRA regulatory compliance staff. Between them, our consultants have given on-site practical compliance assistance to well over 3,000 law firms

Contact Info

Contact Name: Richard Robinson



Telephone: 01788 561661

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