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2022 supporter survey - what you told us and how we've been responding

Earlier this year we conducted a detailed survey to find out what you and the wider Blackpool fan base think of BST. We wanted to hear your opinions, including your views on the direction we've been taking lately and also the activities and campaigns you think we should be undertaking nowadays on behalf of Blackpool Fans, our Football Club and our Community.

We've listened and with your help we've put together a work programme that we hope begins to respond to all the priority points you made. Please take a look at what's happening. We've produced a summary of the survey, highlighting your most strongly held views and outlining with examples what we have been doing in response to each of these. This includes what we believe is a major step forward, the launch of our exciting new fundraiser - the 1953 Sweepstake

You can find this summary here, please take a look

BST 2022 Survey - What you said and what we've been doing in response
Download PDF • 221KB

If you would prefer to see the full survey results and analysis you can find them here:

Survey results and action plan 22 November FINAL
Download PDF • 1.07MB

We are always happy to receive help and we know we definitely don't have all the answers. If you have ideas or time to offer please do get in touch. In particular, a wish for an increased focus on youth was a big finding. if you have any ways, means and potential routes to encourage more youngsters to become lifelong Seasiders, we'd be very happy to hear from you. Let's work together to help make tangerine blood the preferred option.

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