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Ella's big day out as the team mascot

Ella was a mascot at the Sheffield United game. Despite the result she had a brilliant day. See below a note from her grandmother Pauline describing her day. We want to support more initiates like this so please consider joining our monthly lottery.

Dear Robbie

I just wanted to say a big thank you to BST on behalf of myself and family, for giving my granddaughter Ella, the best day of her life.

She absolutely loved being a mascot and hasn't stopped talking about it. She was especially bowled over by Grimshaw, so much so that when he ran to the goals ready for kick off, she chased after him and ended up in the goal mouth with him, much to Grimshaws' astonishment.

Ella is now a firmly established Seasider!

Thank you for the wonderful work you do for the members and the community and thank you for a night Ella will never forget.

BST, simply the best

Kind regards


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