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Dear Member The past months have proven to be a challenging time for everyone. Although the lockdown requirements are being eased, we are all aware that Blackpool has been particularly badly hit by this virus and that there is still a need for everyone to remain as safe as we possibly can. Given that many are employed in service and care industries that require a degree of personal contact, it would seem obvious that the incidence of infection will be greater here than in many other places.  It is to be hoped that our leaders in local and central government recognise the area’s need for extra resources to help minimise the problems caused by the pandemic and offset the difficulties many locals are facing. In strictly football terms, it does seem likely that the season is going to be brought to an unsatisfying conclusion with games remaining unplayed and a mid-table finish for us regardless. The introduction of a new manager who should now have a decent amount of time to introduce a style of play consistent with a more attractive and exciting approach for supporters does leave us with a lot to look forward to before the start of next season. There weren’t that many impressive opposition teams over the last year at Bloomfield Road and there is plenty of room for optimism for the 2020-21 season. The committee have continued to meet monthly via the internet and continue to make steady progress with a number of initiatives. We have approached the club about several issues that are detailed below, as well as continuing the long-term work in the development of how football is run and trying to increase the level of supporters’ involvement in football governance. We are also continuing to develop ways in which we can support and promote local charities and help to involve the football club more deeply in the local community. 2019-20 Season tickets: The committee have approached the club with the following suggestion: That the club approach all current season ticket holders and offer them the following three options: a) A refund on their current season tickets for matches that are not played. b) A discount from the 2020-21 season ticket proportionate to the amount for the matches not played. c) A donation of any potential refund to the club. We have undertaken a survey via the internet and by an overwhelming majority supporters opted for option C – allowing the club to keep any potential refund. Any decision on this matter will depend on whether the remaining league fixtures are cancelled and therefore the club are not in a position to make this decision yet. The position might be clearer after the next scheduled Football League meeting on the 9th of June. Fundraising Initiative: The Oystons left BFC in a terrible financial state. Almost everything they did was intended to enrich themselves at the cost of the club but finally their mismanagement and arrogance resulted in their downfall. Unfortunately, this left those that followed them and particularly Simon Sadler and his team with an extraordinarily complex mess to deal with. It now seems clear that the club was in even deeper trouble than Mr Sadler and his team realised when they took over the club. There can be no doubt that this has cost the current chairperson a great deal of money and that the extraordinary situation we now find ourselves in has only added to an already hugely costly venture. As supporters, many of us want to contribute to the wellbeing of the club and one of the ways we might do that is to raise money for a particular venture such as the cost of a 3G pitch at the proposed new training ground which might be used by the local schools or clubs when not being used by the club. Charitable Work: BST is intent on arranging a food collection for Home Start in the near future. We are liaising with Home Start to see how this might most effectively be done. The supporters of Blackpool FC have been incredibly generous when these collections have been arranged prior to home matches. However, with no games taking place and none likely to be scheduled until August, finding a suitable means of arranging a suitable collection time and place are the primary concerns. The need remains as acute as ever and as soon as we have made the necessary arrangements, we will let everyone know.  Over to you: If you have any ideas, initiatives, suggestions or questions for the Trust, please let us know about them by writing to We are looking for writers to help produce content for the Gazette column our website etc. so if you are interested please get in touch with the secretary. And of course, please stay safe. Hopefully we will all be able to return to Bloomfield Road without the type of health concern that is so preoccupying everyone in the coming months. Memberships: Many thanks for your support over the past year, we hope you are happy with the service you have received and would like you to continue as a member of Blackpool Supporters Trust. It may be time to renew your membership, to check your membership status please visit us at You can logon using your registered email and password. Joining, renewing or updating your personal details only takes a couple of minutes and can be completed online Should you need further assistance with regard to the renewal process please contact Please be aware we are no longer issuing plastic membership cards as the norm, like many other organisations we are trying reduce the hazards caused by plastic pollution, however if you would still prefer a membership card let us know via email at If you do not have your own email address or would prefer to renew offline then please see the options below. Membership Registration Security and integrity are very important to us, so part of the joining procedure BST will require all new members to register their details, this allows the website to email a temporary password to access the website where they can then update their membership details and change their password. Existing members’ details are already uploaded onto the membership website; however, registration is still required to enable website access allowing membership details to be updated and passwords changed.   Registration is required before being able to login. We advise each member to have an individual email address (not shared). Follow the online instructions to access the members section where you can join, renew or update your membership details once registered.  Membership Renewal Process Renewing is quite simple as you already exist on our membership database, Once registered you are able to renew / edit any of your details should you need to, however if it may be that you do not have a Paypal or Credit/Debit card account or would prefer to renew offline then please choose the following option By Post You may prefer to send a cheque/cash made payable to Blackpool Supporters Trust along with your Name, Address, contact tele, email and Membership Number (if known or applicable) Please let me know how you wish to proceed so I can look out for your application, if you require further assistance then please contact me directly at Current Membership Prices Adult £5 Junior (U16) £2 Annual Corporate £75 Lifetime £100 Lifetime £60 for 60 (members 60 years and above) Patron £1000 Membership Secretary c/o 15 Knutsford Road Marton Blackpool FY3 9UU We are aware that not all members have taken up the option of renewing their memberships and as the current membership secretary I would be interested to ascertain the reasons (if any) as to why members have opted not to renew. Your feedback is very important to us in order for BST to improve and understand our members’ points of view. I would be grateful If you would spare a few minutes and write a brief reply outlining your comments or reasons for not renewing your membership. Please send your responses to where all replies will be dealt with promptly and in a professional manner. Should you need any further information about memberships or any issue regarding BST please contact me at my above email address and I will make sure your enquiry is dealt with by the appropriate committee member. I have added a few Q and A’s which may assist you. Q.   I set up Auto Renewal but it did not renew A.  It maybe that you have been issued with a new bank card which is different to the one that was used to join with. Q.  I can’t remember my email or I have a different email account A.  Send me an email to and we will update the website with your new email address Q.  I don’t know when my membership expires A.  Register and logon to the website and all your information will be displayed for you, you can also update your details. Q. I need further assistance regarding BST A. Send me an email to and we will forward your enquiry to the appropriate committee member  Francis Charlesworth Membership Secretary

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