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Kevin Boroduwicz : A tribute

The BST Committee are deeply sorry to have to inform all our supporters that our friend Kevin Boroduwicz has passed away. Those of you who have been Members of the Trust since its early days will be very aware of the huge contribution that Kevin made. Both the formation of SISA and its successful conversion into a Trust, are in no small part due to his skill, judgement and industry. He continued to give the organisation countless hours of his time when it was most sorely needed, serving with distinction as the Trust Secretary in two separate spells. Those of us who knew and worked with him will not only miss his talent. He was a wonderful colleague ; warm, kind and witty on the personal level, and a man who set the highest possible standards of probity as a professional. That legacy will live on ; and he will never be forgotten for it. We are sure that you will wish to join us in sending condolences to his family ; our thoughts are very much with them. RIP old friend. BST Committee

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