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March 1953 Sweepstake draw results.

Our March draw was made at the Armfield club on Friday April 7th. The draw was made by former pool player David Tong. For those younger fans who may not known David, he is a local lad, born in Blackpool and played 78 games for the Pool between 1974 and 1978. He went on to play for Shrewsbury, Cardiff and Bristol city amongst others.

To play click here 1953 Sweepstake

A big thankyou to David for making the draw.

The results were as follows.

Brigid Kerans £160

Tony Wilkinson £90 *

Kevin Garton £60

Gabrielle Ormerwood BFC Donated prize ( BFC Shelf Tidy )

* Tony had kindly donated his winnings to Blackpool Foodbank.

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