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Noah’s big night out as team mascot

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Noah McGarry was our latest sponsored mascot vs Middlesbrough. We hope to fund more mascots like Noah through our new lottery The 1953 Sweepstake

A description of Noah's evening is provide by Michael McGarry , Noah's Grandad.

Good morning, everyone at BST. Thanks to everyone for making this happen.

Noah enjoyed his night as a mascot. It was well organised by BFC & everything went to plan. The goody bag included a drinks bottle, autograph book, pen, and programme. A few quid’s worth. He was very pleased & is now using his BFC drinks bottle for school today.

For info. For any other parent/grandparent asking, it’s only mascots allowed in the changing rooms. If they have a phone, they can take photos in there. One of the hosts helped by using his work phone to take a photo of Noah in there and sent it to me.

Mascots can wear coats or training gear on the pitch for the warmups. No coats or other clothes though when running out due to image rights, advertising etc.

The mascots are asked in the dugout who they’d like to run out with. No conflicts between any mascots so that made it easy for everyone. Many thanks again. Apart from the 90 minutes afterwards it was a great evening.

Thank you on behalf of myself, Noah’s parents, and Noah.

We hope to fund more evenings like Noah's through our lottery the 1953 Sweepstake launched this month.

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