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Supporters Trust, Blackpool FC and Community Trust, Announce New Collaboration

Blackpool Supporters Trust , Blackpool Football Club and Blackpool FC Community Trust are pleased to confirm the launch of an exciting new collaboration that will bring the Club even closer to the heart of the community it represents.

From 6 December, we will be ensuring that every child in Year 2 from all Blackpool primary schools, will have their own Blackpool shirt to wear with pride.

This is a major initiative that would not have been possible had we not worked in close partnership together. We do not intend it to be the last and will continue to look for opportunities to demonstrate the power that a football club, it’s charitable organisation and its supporters can have when they work together.

Ben Mansford, Chief Executive Officer of Blackpool Football Club said:

“We are delighted to be reconnecting with the younger generation through this initiative and hope to welcome even more young fans back to Bloomfield Road. We are working hard to re-establish the connection with our fans and look forward to engaging with supporters in new and exciting ways.”

Ashley Hackett, Chief Executive Officer of Blackpool Community Trust said:

“This is a fantastic initiative that we are very proud to assist with. For the fans and club to come together to make sure every child in Year 2 receives a shirt is a great gesture and we are really excited to use our contacts with every school across Blackpool to organise and deliver all the shirts to all the smiling faces. Collectively, we have a responsibility to build the next generation of fans and see more and more children in the town proudly wearing the shirt and supporting their hometown. This is the first of many plans we have to engage with the community, fans and local residents and is another key example that shows how far the Club, Community Trust and supports group have travelled, since Simon’s involvement.”

Supporters’ Trust Chair Andy Higgins said:

"BST are proud to be helping to finance this initiative and to be working closely with Blackpool Football Club and the Community Trust. Hopefully it will encourage more Young Seasiders to attend Bloomfield Road and be introduced to a lifetime following Blackpool FC. We also hope this is something we can replicate in future years to ensure we never again experience what has sometimes been referred to as a lost generation of fans."

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