Turning our collective legacy into a written legacy

This column is written in the aftermath of a hard-fought, but vital win at Milton Keynes Dons. Winning 1-0 on the back of 29% possession is not really "the Blackpool way", but the squad is showing real resilience at the moment.

They will need more of it as the season reaches a climax. A combination of bad weather and COVID has left us behind everyone else in the League in terms of games played ; and without a single free midweek date between now and the last game on 8 May - against Bristol Rovers . Squad rotation has been a feature of the campaign this season ; it will probably be the default setting for the sixteen games that remain.

This is always an exciting time of year for any club that is in contention at the right end of the League table. It is especially so when you consider that reaching the Championship was the first goal that Simon Sadler and his team set themselves. For better or worse, that step up to the second tier is financially significant and showcases the club and town in ways that are hugely positive. We face stiff competition from other clubs ; but being a part of the conversation certainly puts a spring in our collective step.

Off the field, BST continues to be busy. We were very pleased to take part in the Structured Dialogue with the club last month, and this followed on from another very constructive meeting between our Chairman and Secretary, and Ben Mansford and Brett Gerrity from Blackpool FC. It is a new experience for us to be able to have this kind of dialogue with the club, and it is refreshing to do so in an atmosphere whereby we feel that the support from all sections of the club's support is valued. The fans of other clubs may take this for granted ; we never will.

This week has seen the second anniversary of the truly memorable "homecoming" match against Southend, probably the biggest, most joyous and sustained celebration that our supporters have had outside of Wembley in many years. A great deal has happened in the two years since ; a club that was in a state of shambolic disarray and neglect back then is finally showing some signs of the loving care that has been lavished upon it since. It looks better, for a start ; and the club's plans for further investment in a modern training ground, and to bring the youth team back to play in Blackpool are evidence of the kind of legacy that our fans have yearned for from the heady days of 2010-11, but not seen any evidence of until now.

Talking of turning our collective legacy into a written legacy - do any of you have particularly vivid memories of the fans boycott, the NAPM campaign and our period in exile that you would like to be documented ?