What this weekend's pilot event will look like for Blackpool fans. And tips on for using iFollow

It has been a long time since we had such an encouraging pre-season and the future is looking a very bright shade of tangerine indeed.

Football without fans is nothing, as we have said for a very long time.

Fans being forced to watch their teams in almost empty stadiums via iFollow, TV broadcasts and other streaming services rather than being present in the stadium is weird and most unsatisfactory.

Fans have watched games played in front of empty seats. We all want to get back to our club as soon as it is humanly possible to do so, but when and how that will happen is still unknown.

With regulations changing on a weekly basis, football clubs up and down the country have the unenviable task of working out how many supporters can return, in what manner and then decide who attends and who misses out.

At the recent supporter meeting, the BFC directors stated that they would be very happy to listen to suggestions about how Blackpool fans can return to the stadium in the safest and fairest way possible.