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Committee Election 2021 

Tim Fielding  – Supporting Statement

Having previously chaired both SISA and BST I believe I have a proven track record of working for the benefit of Blackpool fans by strategically planning fan initiatives/campaigns which would add value to the BST committee if my appointment were confirmed.

My active involvement in independent fan representation dates back to 2013 when I helped establish BFC’s independent fans association, SISA. In that capacity I attended the Supporters Summit and took real inspiration from the activities of the likes of FC United which I then tried to factor into SISA’s approach to dealing with the unique challenges faced by an embryonic fans group who were repeatedly ‘ ghosted’ by the then owners at every stage.


Notwithstanding these unique challenges I was instrumental in various successful initiatives including the Safe Standing Roadshow, applying for the Asset of Community Value registration on Bloomfield Road and the early fan protests in 2014 – the £11m note / the coffin match etc.

In 2014 I spearheaded the conversion of SISA into BST and led from the front during the early stages of the boycott challenging the previous owners strategies and policies until I forced to step aside after it became public that they were threatening to sue me for defamation based on comments that the High Court famously endorsed in the judgment of Mr Justice Marcus Smith three years later.

In the aftermath of my enforced resignation I continued to work towards regime change by assisting BST as an advisor, acting as point of contact with Latvia and in coordinating the activities of J4F, in particular the court reporting from Manchester and London and the negotiations with the Oystons over the suing of fans.

Most recently in 2019 I had the pleasure of representing fans on the Interim Board between February and June which gave me a unique inside in the workings of BFC.

During my time as an active fan representative I have developed a significant number of contacts within the fanbase/media and the club which I believe will be of assistance in the role if successful in my application.

Moving forward I have a particular interest in the ‘safe standing‘ debate and would be keen to see this introduced at BFC. Having attended numerous Bundesliga games and spoken on many occasions with Jon Darch (the doyen of the movement) I think I have the knowledge and enthusiasm to drive this initiative for BST.

More generally I consider myself reasonably articulate and if called upon to do so would be happy to represent BST at public events and/or before the media. I currently appear as one of the regular presenters on the Seasiders Podcast and say things as I see them.

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for Blackpool Fans, our Club and our Community

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