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Committee Election 2021
Candidate supporting statements 

Tim Fielding  – Supporting Statement

Having previously chaired both SISA and BST I believe I have a proven track record of working for the benefit of Blackpool fans by strategically planning fan initiatives/campaigns which would add value to the BST committee if my appointment were confirmed.


My active involvement in independent fan representation dates back to 2013 when I helped establish BFC’s independent fans association, SISA. In that capacity I attended the Supporters Summit and took real inspiration from the activities of the likes of FC United which I then tried to factor into SISA’s approach to dealing with the unique challenges faced by an embryonic fans group who were repeatedly ‘ ghosted’ by the then owners at every stage.


Notwithstanding these unique challenges I was instrumental in various successful initiatives including the Safe Standing Roadshow, applying for the Asset of Community Value registration on Bloomfield Road and the early fan protests in 2014 – the £11m note / the coffin match etc.


In 2014 I spearheaded the conversion of SISA into BST and led from the front during the early stages of the boycott challenging the previous owners strategies and policies until I forced to step aside after it became public that they were threatening to sue me for defamation based on comments that the High Court famously endorsed in the judgment of Mr Justice Marcus Smith three years later.


In the aftermath of my enforced resignation I continued to work towards regime change by assisting BST as an advisor, acting as point of contact with Latvia and in coordinating the activities of J4F, in particular the court reporting from Manchester and London and the negotiations with the Oystons over the suing of fans.


Most recently in 2019 I had the pleasure of representing fans on the Interim Board between February and June which gave me a unique inside in the workings of BFC.


During my time as an active fan representative I have developed a significant number of contacts within the fanbase/media and the club which I believe will be of assistance in the role if successful in my application.


Moving forward I have a particular interest in the ‘safe standing‘ debate and would be keen to see this introduced at BFC. Having attended numerous Bundesliga games and spoken on many occasions with Jon Darch (the doyen of the movement) I think I have the knowledge and enthusiasm to drive this initiative for BST.


More generally I consider myself reasonably articulate and if called upon to do so would be happy to represent BST at public events and/or before the media. I currently appear as one of the regular presenters on the Seasiders Podcast and say things as I see them.

Neil Holden – Supporting Statement


My name is Neil Holden I've been a Blackpool fan and season ticket holder all my life. I'm married to Paula and we have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Being a Blackpool fan has never been an easy process, but right now it's an absolute pleasure: I'm sure you all agree with me.


Why have I chosen to stand now! The years that we all sacrificed to make this club better were led by this supporter’s trust. The hard work and dedication shown by this committee in giving leadership, guidance and support, in the most testing of times was nothing short of heroic and inspiring to me personally.


From standing in all weather's leafletting away supporters, to give them the information they needed to both understand our plight and get on board with our financial boycott, along with Organising fans meetings, to ensure we were kept up to date with their progress and Charity work, this Trust has succeeded in doing them all.

The list goes on. And this has now brought me here to ask you - The best fans in the land for your vote to elect me onto the trusts committee to assist them with continuing their outstanding work and to hopefully bring new ideas and initiatives to make the trust even better and stronger.


We've seen the big six try to influence and monopolise the way football is taken forward with the so called "European Super League." Fortunately this was stopped, but it's more than likely that at this very moment, they are still planning this divide, and if successful this will have a detrimental effect on all football clubs from the Premier League right down to non-league.


I would like to help BST take their influence forward, by assisting them with the review on football governance and their feedback to our fans and the EFL and other governing bodies.


I would also like to help with fundraising and helping out those that need our assistance. Including helping our junior organisations on the Fylde coast with vital funding for their much needed facilities and equipment to help them nurture and produce the next Blackpool stars of the future. The future is in all our hands and, together we can everything we set out to do. I'm more than sure we have that in abundance.


I can only fulfil this with your help and vote!


Blackpool are back


Neil Holden

Pat McChrystal  – Supporting Statement


I’m a lifelong Blackpool FC supporter and season ticket holder and have loyally followed the fortunes of the Seasiders since the age of 6 years old including attending numerous matches each season both at Bloomfield Road and around the country in all divisions of the national game.

I have been a member of the Blackpool Supporters Trust for many years and believe I am in a position to provide support towards the achievement of the organisational aims and objectives and add value to the activities of the Committee.

Additionally, I’m a highly commercially focused and qualified Human Resource and Management Executive with over 35 years’ professional experience in high volume FMCG, automotive, rail transport, engineering, healthcare and service provision environments.

A driven and self-motivated individual with a wealth of senior management experience and a proven track record of success in exceeding targets and objectives within budgetary constraints across the complete range of HRM activities in dynamic, progressive, results oriented multi-union and non-union organisations.

I am interested in the comprehensive range of areas in which the Blackpool Supporters Trust is involved, community engagement, food and boot bank initiatives and other charitable activities and football governance and regulation.



Carl Nicholson – Supporting Statement


I am writing to formally inform you of my intentions to stand for election on the Supporters Trust committee. The Supporter’s Trust is something I am a lifetime member of and very passionate about as a lifelong Blackpool fan I feel the Blackpool fans need a direct representation of the voice of the fans to the club and an impartial organisation if you will to liaise between the fans and the club itself because as we have all seen how important this is over the last ten years.


On a personal note, with regards to what I feel I could possibly add to the committee I work for a company called Eleven Sports Media who facilitate the sports partnerships on a commercial level between football clubs and regional businesses and more specifically I have done this for BFC. I feel I could add great value in terms of helping the Supporters Trust communicate with the wider public and get the messages required across quickly to mainly the younger demographic and gain new members as a result especially over the media side of things and at times direct communication to the club as I already have an existing relationship with the guys mainly on the commercial side there.


After sitting in the committee meetings now for several months and observing I feel the way things are run are already done in a good professional manner and everything is streamlined well to get the results the fans and club need. I feel I could add to what is already a great outfit and maybe enhance certain aspects of it.


On a final note, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to stand for this committee seat and I am very excited to hopefully be involved and work with you going forward.


Kind Regards


Carl Nicholson


Mark Turner – Supporting Statement

Here is what I will stand for if elected:

  • Building on our growing reputation as one of the best-run, best managed and most passionately supported clubs in football

  • Fair pricing and a fair deals for fans, suppliers, sponsors and community

  • Putting Blackpool first whilst helping other supporters’ groups where appropriate

  • Addressing the current security situation, particularly post-match crowd control on and around Bloomfield Road before something goes badly wrong

  • Helping to build a sustainable club playing a full part in looking after the local and wider community, environment and local economy of the “Gold Coast”

  • Representing interests of out of area supporters

  • Helping reinvigorate BST – there’s so much more to do.

I live in West Kirby on the Wirral and have been attending since 1974 when I still lived in Thornton.  I’m currently a season ticket holder in the North, standing near where our favourite old barrier used to be in what was, and is becoming again, the best Kop in football.

Along with many boycott observers, my final straw under the previous regime was the suing of supporters, people I’ve since come to know and respect. I walked away after the watershed Huddersfield game.  As well as Judgement days, BST meetings and other protests I attended and supported some of the legendary court days, cherishing Sir Marcus’s £31.27M judgement as our finest hour! However, the roll call of those who died while our club remained under the yoke is something that will hurt forever.  We lost people we’ve come to know and love over 46 years through this wonderful club, great characters who were denied the opportunity to see the bright future we have now.  

I run a small business supporting organisations of all sizes from PLCs to small charities to develop workable sustainability strategies, with a particular focus on fair treatment for suppliers and communities.  If you will, the polar opposite approach to the business practices of some who might linger in our memory! I’d look to bring some of my experience in these areas to the role.  Under Simon Sadler’s generous and steady hand we’ve already made great strides.  Involving community assets like the Armfield Club, the reach and ambition of our various supporters’ groups, and with so many charitable ventures now afoot, we can do even more, raising the bar for years to come on what it means to be a sustainable, community focused football club.  

Finally, I want to highlight our most pressing current priority.  We simply must sort out the shambles of the current security and crowd management approach, particularly post match. We must seek informed dialogue with the club, the stewarding contractor and the police.  We have a new fan base these days, gradually becoming more diverse, enriched by the energy of many young people who largely don’t “do” Supporters Trusts and formal meetings.  These lads and lasses could have drifted away but luckily for us they’ve caught the tangerine bug.  We need to represent their interests, listen (and maybe sometimes here and there save a few from themselves a little) so I’d try to have my eye on that.

Disclosure (confession time):

I should also disclose responsibility for starting most of the lockdown AVFTT matchday commentary threads.  I appreciate this could kill my vote but fair’s fair, confession is good for the soul.  Win or lose, “keep it on the Island”, “keep it legal”, never accept “half a loaf”, and above all, come on you Tangerine Machine!

Mark Turner
Neil Holden
Pat Mc
Carl Nicholson
Tim Fielding
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for Blackpool Fans, our Club and our Community

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